Media Coverage

Sunday Mirror - 7th September 1997 - Stephen Robert Kuta - Diana, Princess of Wales

Below is a list for some of my media coverage published in both local and national newspapers and also magazines between the dates 1997 – 2006. Most are related to my first publication “Paint the Sky with Stars”, which was published in 2005. The Anthology helped raise money for the South Asian Boxing Day Tsunami Fund.

The publications also include:

(i) My work dedicated to Diana, Princess of Wales.

(ii) LGBT Activism

(iii) Gay Marriage / Civil Partnership

(iv) Re-invention UK, a British publisher of which I am affiliated with.

Media Coverage

The Death of Diana, Princess of Wales


The Sunday Mirror / Diana, Princess of Wales

Goodbye, England’s Rose – September 7th 1997

The Newspaper coverage is in response to the funeral of Princess Diana, and includes a piece of poetry I wrote for her.

The Boxing Day South Asian Tsunami

Newspapers, Magazines and Radio

(i) Essex Enquirer, published 16th June 2005

(ii) Essex Enquirer, Published 6th January 2005

(iii) Billericay and Wickford Gazette, Published 5th January 2005

(iv) Woman’s Own, May 2005

(v) The Daily Telegraph, May 2005 (not shown below, as I am missing the article)

(vi) BBC Radio Essex, Broadcast in January 2005

The Newspaper coverage is in response to the Boxing Day Tsunami and the forthcoming publication of PAINT THE SKY WITH STARS, Published by Re-invention UK in May 2005 and edited by Stephen Robert Kuta.

Re-invention UK Publishing Company


The War Cry, Published 5th March 2005

The Newspaper coverage is in response to work by the publishing company, of which Stephen Robert Kuta is affiliated with.

Gay Marriage and Civil Partnership


(i) Braintree and Witham Times, Published 1st February 2006

(ii) Essex Chronicle, Published 26th January 2006

(iii) Essex Chronicle, Published 2nd February 2006

(iv) Evening Gazette, Published 27th January 2006

The Newspaper coverage is in response to author Stephen Robert Kuta committing to a civil partnership. Stephen and his then partner (separated in 2015) were the first Gay couple in the County of Essex, England to legally undertake a Gay Marriage / Civil Partnership. the event took place on the 28th January 2006 at Hedingham Castle, Essex.

Gay Rights and Activism


GSCENE, Brighton

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