LGBT+ History

I have long had a deep interest regarding LGBT History, from its earliest recorded times to its modern history. So this page is dedicated to that topic and any research I undertake. This is a new page, and building good content for my readers is going to be an accumulation of months of hard work.

 I have begun research into the lives of the 37 men hung at Newgate for their crime of Sodomy, this content can be found below. (please scroll down)

Executed for Sodomy – Hung at Newgate, London

A History of the 37 men hung for Sodomy at Newgate Prison, London

1726 – 1835


Newgate, November 25, 1835

Dear William, – The awful period is nearly arrived when the offended laws of my country demand the forfeit of my life for the crime I have committed – A crime the most heinous and disgraceful what possessed me. I am at a loss to conceive, nor can I attribute it to any thing but the baneful effects of liquor and bad company, which must have rendered me void of every feeling of decency. The grave will soon close over me, and my name entirely forgotten. But remember from the knowledge we had of each other. That I die a sincere penitent for my sins and feel confident that you will drop a tear for one who has disgraced himself as a Christian and a friend. Let your prayers be offered up to the Throne of Mercy for that forgiveness which I have anxiously prayed to receive, and when you think of my fate, may it check any growing evil on your part and be the means of rendering you a fit companion for that society I have so much degraded. That the almighty may bless you is the sincere prayer of

Your Lost Friend

John Smith.

(Original letter written by John Smith, one of the last two men hung in England for Sodomy).

Source / Harvard Library – “Particulars of the Execution of James Pratt and John Smith, who were executed at the Old Bailey this morning. Friday November 27, 1835”



A list/index of the executed men; hung at Newgate for being Gay.

(check back soon – as each of their stories is added).

Munoo (1782 – 1814), Executed for Sodomy

Abraham Adams, Executed at Newgate for Sodomy (1762 – 1815)

Thomas Andrews

John Berry

Thomas Burrows

John Bleak Cowland

Louis Darney

James Farthing

William Griffin

John Newball Hepburn

John Holland

Robert Jones

William King

Bartholomew Langley

Gilbert Laurence

Gabriel Lawrence

Alexander Leake

Michael Levi

John Markham

Martin Mellett

Richard Neighbour

William North

The Execution of William North (Newspaper Articles)

Richard Oakden

Mustapha Pochowachett

James Pratt, Executed 1835

George Redear

David Robertson

Christopher Saunders

Thomas Skinner

John Smith, Executed 1835

Methuselah Spalding

Samuel Taylor

Archibald Warden

Thomas White

William Winklin

Thomas Wright

Robert Yandell