Stephen Robert Kuta, is also an author, genealogist, historian, photographer and a keen traveller he also hosts a channel on youtube, which he shares with his daughter Yhana – The link below will direct you to that channel.

There is also lots to discover on this website, please use the links above to access, pages, blogs, antiquities, family history and much more.

History and Adventure


Welcome to Stephen and Yhana History and Adventure Hunters

Stephen and Yhana are a duo of adventure seekers and they record their family adventures for YouTube. THEY – TREASURE HUNT / VISIT HISTORICAL / CULTURAL AND FUN FAMILY LOCATIONS

That everyone can enjoy and they write and narrate wonderful stories from history and the world of genealogy.

Stephen Robert Kuta, is also an author, genealogist, historian, photographer and a keen traveller.

Yhana loves YouTube, Ice cream, theme parks, Water activities and anything fun.

Our goal is to create content which focuses on our interests – history, genealogy and family adventure – It’s a family vlog, with a history twist. Expect the unexpected on our channel, wild camping, kayaking, cycling, twists of humour, there are two of us – Dad and Daughter.

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There is lots to discover on this site, Genealogy, History, Videos, Articles, Published Books, Treasure Hunting Finds and Much more












  1. edward greene

    A very well researched Article. Like you my TREE goes down from Saint Margaret through David, but then through the BRUCE family of Robert the Bruce, King of Scotland.

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