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Stephen Robert Kuta was born in Chelmsford, Essex, England in 1978, the second eldest of five children and second-generation Polish/English descent. His grandfather spent his young adult life in a Nazi Labour Camp before arriving in England in the early 1950’s.

He studied English Language, Literature, History and Drama and continues to study humanities as his chosen field of interest, he went onto to publish prose and poetry in selected anthologies throughout the 1990’s and was credited with a publication in the national newspaper, the Sunday Mirror in remembrance of Diana Princess of Wales.

He eventually edited an anthology of work in 2005, a book intended to bring the voices of the world together collectively in response to the 2004 Boxing Day Tsunami. The book was off a limited run and all profits from its sale were donated to the Tsunami Earthquake Fund. The book has gone onto become a valued piece of social history and often used in university academic studies. The book now sells for high values.

Stephen continues to push boundaries in humanities and creative writing, spending much of his time managing various historical and personal blogs online all of which have been met with praise and popularity, much of his work can be found online at www.stephenkuta.com, www.thelivesofmyancestors.wordpress.com / www.plaskettfamilytree.wordpress.com 

and www.thelivesofmyancestors.com (which is dedicated to my family DNA)

Humanities have always been at the forefront of his interests, and he has continued learning with the open university focusing on the great war, historically and through study with wartime literature and poetry. Genealogy is also one of his key interests and one of his biggest drives in future publications.

His families past has always intrigued him and he developed an interest and love of history from a very early age, as young as 8 years old he was reading books about the history of England and his imagination about the past grew from there.

He began studying Genealogy aged 18 and has continued to research his family history since 1997, he is ever grateful to his great-grandmother Doris, grandfather William and his father for the support and help they gave when he first began his journey into his families’ past. he has since developed an interest in Palaeography and has transcribed many records of probate dating from as early as the 16th century.

Besides Humanities Stephen also has a keen interest in Modelling, Photography, Art and dramatics he has been featured in Model Citizen Magazine and photographed by Men Art, his collected photography portfolio was published in 2018 in the book ‘My Life in Pictures’

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