Stephen and Yhana

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Stephen and Yhana are a duo of adventure seekers and they record their family adventures for YouTube.


That everyone can enjoy and they write and narrate wonderful stories from history and the world of genealogy. Stephen Robert Kuta, is also an author, genealogist, historian, photographer and a keen traveller. Yhana loves YouTube, Ice cream, theme parks, Water activities and anything fun. Our goal is to create content which focuses on our interests – history, genealogy and family adventure – It’s a family vlog, with a history twist. Expect the unexpected on our channel, wild camping, kayaking, cycling, twists of humour, there are two of us – Dad and Daughter.

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Music featured on our videos have been licensed and provided by Epidemic Sound.

Our Channel Videos

Setting Up The Intex Challenger K1 Kayak On The River Can, Chelmsford, Essex

The Oldest Wooden Church In The World | Greensted Church

Secret Places | Cold War Secret Nuclear Bunker

300,000 Years Old – Fossil Hunting | Rock Hounding | Mersea Island, Essex

Star Find Whilst Treasure Hunting / Fieldwalking

Exploring The Naze Tower, Walton-on-the-Naze

Hunting For Fossils and Clactonian Man Tools in London Clay and Red Crag

Exploring Rivers, Canals and Estuaries of Essex On The Water And Beneath It | Kayaking UK | Trailer

How To Publish A Family History Book | Publishing For Genealogists

The Martello Tower, Walton On-The-Naze, Essex, England

Y-DNA Haplogroup – I1-Z138 / Viking DNA

The History of Hedingham Castle and The De Vere Family

Heraldic Studies – Records of visitation for England – A guide to Medieval Pedigrees & Coats of Arms

Medieval Jousting Tournament At Hedingham Castle / Spring Joust

Ambient River Kayaking #shorts

How To Research and Discover Your Gateway Ancestors \ Genealogy \ Ancestry

Exploring The Ancient Grounds Of Hedingham Castle, Castle Hedingham, Essex

Y-DNA Haplogroup | R-CTS2509 | Anglo-Saxon / Germanic DNA

Neolithic Knives | Field Walking

Jerusalema Dance Challenge / Nominated by Debs Most Excellent Adventures

Y-DNA Haplogroup – I-S17250 – Slavic DNA / Cucuteni–Trypillia culture

Exploring Hanningfield Reservoir, Essex / Nature Walk and Trail

Abandoned Places UK | Polish Displaced Persons Camp | Ghost Caught On Camera

Everything You Need To Know About British Parish Records | Genealogy

The Old Man Test | YouTube Challenge | Debs Most Excellent Adventures

Exploring Northey Island In The Blackwater Estuary, Essex

A Useful Guide to British, Scottish, Welsh and Irish Census Records | Genealogy

The Battle of Maldon – Northey Island, Blackwater, The Haunting Landscape of The Essex Serpent

DNA Origins – Y-DNA Haplogroup – R-M269

Filmed On Location Of The Essex Serpent

Fossil Hunting in London Clay and Red Crag

DNA Haplogroup – K1B1A1A MtDNA

The Sea Lion Show At Pleasurewood Hills, Lowestoft, Suffolk

Pleasurewood Hills, Lowestoft – Funny High Speed Vlog / 2022

How To Combine Your Family History With Genetic DNA | What DNA Kit Should You Buy?

Help Me Out! How Old Is This Carved Rock? #shorts

Mountfitchet Castle, Essex | A Living Museum | Part Two | Motte and Bailey

How To Research Those First Vital Records In Your Family History | Origins EP4

DEADLY QUICKSAND / Fossil Hunting, Neolithic Rock Art and A Dinosaur Egg

Exploring Mountfichet Castle, Essex – Part One – A Historic Time Capsule

How To Begin Researching Your Family History | Origins EP 3

The Chapel of St Peter-on-the-wall – Anglo-Celtic Church / 2nd oldest in England

Origins Ep 2 / DNA – K1a1a / Haplogroup / MtDNA

WHO WILL WIN? Essex vs Wiltshire | History Street Challenge | Devizes vs Chelmsford

Origins Ep 1 / Genetic Y DNA – R-YP417 Haplogroup – Slavic Origins

The Battle Of Cable Street | Oswald Mosley | The Blackshirts

Tubing | In a HUGE RUBBER RING on Brentwood, Essex Dry Ski Slope Tubing

Exploring Temple Church London | Virtual History Tour

Origins – DNA / Genealogy / Ethnicity / Coming Soon

Hitchin, St Mary’s Church, Hertfordshire | History

Roman Terracotta Cup – BIG ANTIQUITY GIVEAWAY #5

Yhana’s £50 Hamleys Toyshop, London Challenge

BIG ANTIQUITY GIVEAWAY #4 – British Bronze Age Bowl

Rock Tumbling and Polishing – Steps 1 – 5

Indus Valley Pottery – BIG ANTIQUITY GIVEAWAY #3

Semper Fidelis | The Lwów Eaglets | Live Reading of Chapter One

Semper Fidelis – The Lwów Eaglets – Full Reading

Saffron Walden | 30 Minute History Street Challenge

Essex By The Sea Podcast | HM Coastguard 200 years / Admiral Jonathan Webb

BIG Antiquity Giveaway #2 – Indus Valley Vessel

One Minute Snippet of Semper Fidelis | The Lwów Eaglets

Essex By The Sea Podcast – The Story of Admiral Jonathan Webb / HM Coastguard

The Story of Nell Gwynne & St Martin-In-The-Field

Byzantine Greek Fire Grenade / Antiquity GIVEAWAY

William Marshal – 1st Earl of Pembroke | Temple Church

Magnet Fishing 10 MINUTE Challenge – Coins and More

Super Excited About This Upcoming Collaboration With Open Minded Wonderer

Hitchin Hertfordshire History Street Challenge in 30 Minutes

Mail-Call | Japanese Tea Bowl and Silver Coins


MAGNET FISHING In a 200 Year Old Canal

Walking Essex / Shout-Outs and More

Braintree History Street Challenge in 30 Minutes

Yhana’s 11th Birthday / Piñata and More

Stephen and Yhana – 2021 / A Big Thank You For Everyone’s Support

Bishop’s Stortford | History Street Challenge | in 30 Minutes | #2

Hertford History Street Challenge in 30 Minutes

Black Sam Bellamy / The Prince of Pirates / Robin Hood of the Seas / The Whydah


History of Chelmsford Cathedral

4K LONDON Time-Lapse / Night and Day

THE SCIENCE MUSEUM – LONDON – Virtual Museum Tour / History Walk

Black Sam Bellamy Trailer

CHRISTMAS Mail-Call From Ohio / Handmade Christmas Wreath

Treasure Hunting in England

BIG ANTIQUITY GIVEAWAY – Roman / Byzantine / Indus Valley / Bronze Age

Prehistoric Mesolithic Knives | Treasure Hunt

Mail Call and Silver Hammered Coins / Groats

The British Museum, London – Narrated Tour and History Walk of the Museum Galleries

Motivational Poetry in Support of #teamseas / Raising Awareness Through Emotional Literature

Remembrance Day 2021 UK / Armistice Day / Poetry From The Great War / #Shorts

Wilfred Owen Dulce et Decorum Est / Poems from the Great War

The Natural History Museum London | Virtual Museum Walk | Tour | Earthquakes and Volcanoes

Youtube Collaboration / Upcoming Live Event / Youtube Channel Shout-Outs

Fieldwalking for Archaeology

Petoskey Stones From The Great Lakes, USA

FOUND A 66 MILLION YEAR OLD FOSSIL #shorts | Cretaceous Period

3 Women, 3 Lives, 3 Tragic Stories From the Georgian and Victorian Era

Into Dust / Full video of Love and Loss Coming Soon #shorts

Into Dust – Trailer – The True Historical Story of 3 Women

History of Braintree, Essex and the Town’s Kelloggs Cornflakes Connection

Sweeney Todd, the demon barber of Fleet Street | #shorts | Dark London

Tate Modern LONDON – Virtual Museum Tour

Kerma Culture Burial | Egypt | Sudan | British Museum

CRYSTALS | GIFT | Topaz, Amethyst, Calcite, Turquoise, Sharks Teeth & more Treasures and Adventures

Michael Jackson Fieldwalking For Neolithic Arrowheads ?? #shorts

Gebelein Man | Ancient Murder | Egyptian Mummy | British Museum

The Barnack Burial | Bronze Age Skeleton on Display in the British Museum

The True Story of Englands First COASTGUARDS | 200 Years of HM Coastguard

The Jericho Tomb | British Museum London | Bronze Age Burial

Cheddar Man on Display at the Natural History Museum, London | Virtual Museum Walk

DNA & SKELETON of Bleadon Man | Meet Our Iron Age European Ancestor

DNA & SKELETON of Bleadon Man | Meet Our Iron Age European Ancestor

Who is Mrs Grieve? | Body Sold For Anatomy | Skeletons and Bones on Display / London

The Old Operating Theatre ? ? Herb Garret, LONDON | Virtual TOUR

TOWER HILL, LONDON – Execution Site | Sir John de Vere | Virtual History Walk

TATE MODERN LONDON – In less than one minute #shorts | Includes NUDE ? Male Art

Fossil Hunting | Walton-on-the-Naze | Jurassic and Cretaceous | 66 Million Years Old

?THE BLACK RABBIT ? / Wildlife #shorts / Black Rabbit Caught on Camera

Go On Together by Christine Smit #shorts #trending / Epidemic Sound


The Story of the Chelmer and Blackwater Navigation | One Man’s Journey | Full Documentary | Essex

Found Bronze Age Treasure in England / TREASURE HUNTING #shorts

WONDERFUL, COLOURFUL – CAMDEN TOWN | Virtual History Walk | London

M&M’S LONDON ???? / #shorts / Leicester Square

Dancing With The Devil and other songs | NON-STOP MUSIC VOL TWO | The Best of EPIDEMIC SOUND

A Tour of Chelmsford City Museum / Prehistoric, Roman, Essex Regiment Rooms

NON-STOP Music / Wicked One / Wolf At Your Door and More / The Best of Epidemic Sound


? Underground ? #shorts – London, England – The Tube ?

What Do Wild Animals Get Up To When They Think You’re Not Watching? / Wildlife Hunting / No Music

Wildlife Hunting in British Woodland / Grey Squirrel’s Caught on Camera

Red Robin Sings on Camera / Wildlife #shorts / Summer Vibes

Treasure Hunting for Arrowheads | Mesolithic Find | includes Biting Asian Tiger Mosquitos

11,000 YEARS OLD / Relic from ANTIQUITY found in woodland / TREASURE HUNTING #shorts

Flitch Way, Essex Part Two / Little Dunmow to Hatfield Forest / 4K Virtual Bike Ride

I Can’t Let You Go / Motown / Time Lapse #shorts / Clouds / Summer Vibes

Flitch Way, Essex Part One / Braintree to Little Dunmow Priory / 4K Virtual Bike Ride

Flitch Way, Essex Part One / Braintree to Little Dunmow Priory / 4K Virtual Bike Ride

Dappled White Butterfly in Slow Motion / Summer Vibes #shorts

Trip to the River Chelmer – Site of a Lost MEGALITHIC Henge and Neolithic Cursus
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Crash Bang Wallop / Summer Vibes #shorts / Summer Fun

Arrow-Heads of the British Isles / Mesolithic / Neolithic / Bronze Age Arrows
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Treasure Hunting #shorts / Prehistoric Find Found in Badger Hole

A Short History of Baker Street Tube Station and One of the Men that Helped Build It
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Treasure Hunting #shorts / Neolithic Leaf Shaped Arrow Found in Badgers Hole

Wonders of Nature / London Zoo After Lockdown
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Nigellas Nutella Cheesecake in a One Minute #shorts video – 43rd Birthday Surprise

Summer Video / Summer Vibes / Slow Motion #shorts
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Bogland Treasure Hunt / DISASTER IN THE BOG / When Everything Goes Wrong!

Treasure Hunting #shorts – Do you see what I see?
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Cute Cuddly Adorable – Squirrel Monkey’s Say Hello At London Zoo #shorts

British Neolithic Arrowhead Hunting
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Treasure Hunting #shorts / British Neolithic Triangular Arrowhead

A Very Sticky Treasure Hunting Video… QUICKSAND

First Ever Metal Detector / First Find and it was made of stone ? Treasure Hunting #shorts

Treasure Hunting in Ancient English Woodland | Prehistoric Finds

April’s Pink Supermoon Rises Into The Night Sky #shorts check out the shooting stars

Found a 4,500 year old Neolithic Mortar Stone – Treasure Hunting #shorts

30 second challenge #shorts / Muddy Knees and Climbing Trees

Bronze Age – Springfield Lyons Causewayed Enclosure

Treasure Hunting #shorts / Wow – Found a 4,500 year old spear

Fieldwalking in England – History Beneath Our Feet

We found a 4,500 year old Neolithic Axe – Made From RARE Blood Red Flint

Early Spring – England 2021

Treasure Hunting for the ULTIMATE Prehistoric / Neolithic HAMMER-STONE

Bike Ride to Felsted Bronze Age Earthworks | Freedom from Lockdown 2021

100 Prehistoric Treasure Hunting Finds Found During Lockdown

Treasure Hunting Neanderthal Flint Tools / Mousterian Treasure Finds

Neolithic Treasure Hunt | Stone Age Flint Arrows | Hammers | Axes

Mesolithic Treasure Hunting

Treasure Hunting in the Snow | Neolithic | Mesolithic | Palaeolithic Stone Age Finds

Lockdown Neolithic Treasure Hunting Find / We Found a Stone Age Hammer

Treasure Hunting, Field Walking, Medieval and Neolithic Finds

Lockdown Treasure Hunting | Saxon Burial Site | Neolithic Arrow | Vlog 50

Lockdown 2021 – A Short Film

We made a Medieval Longbow / Selfbow Crafted from Oak Sourced From English Woodland

Winter Bike Ride to Leez Priory, Essex During Lockdown Number 3

Return to Pet Cemetery / Nature Walk to a real old Burial Ground for dogs

The History, Superstition and Civil War Iconoclasts of Great Leighs Parish Church

10th Birthday Filmed From The Air / New Mountain Bike / Testing Out New Drone


Lost Roman Villa Of Chelmsford | Romans in Britain

Barbara Windsor 1937 – 2020

Magic | A Very Christmas Vlog | Vlog 41

Freeze | Lost My GoPro Hero Black 9 in a Flooded River | How Long Did It Take To Find It? | Vlog 40

First Day of Snow | Snow Ball Fight | Watch This Fun Video for the best of luck in 2021 | Vlog 39

Pocahontas | The Colours of the Wind | The History of | Biography of Pocahontas and Family

THE DUEL | Coca Cola, Fanta, 7up vs Mentos Challenge | Coke vs Mentos | Vlog 38

тихий зимний рассвет | Зимний восход | Зимний балет

A Quiet Winter Dawn | Beautiful Frosty Winter Sunrise | Elegant Winter Ballet

Silent Night | Christmas 2020 | Famous Inspirational Christmas Quotes

NIGHTRIDE In Reverse | Avant-Garde | Art Film | Music by the Devil’s Sway

NIGHTRIDE | Night Cycling | Breathtaking Evening Bike Ride through English countryside

Little Waltham Walk & The Village World War II Pillboxes | The Defence Of The River Chelmer

How To Make Sernik: A Classic Polish Cheesecake Recipe With Twaróg Cheese | Vlog 36

The History and Folklore of Broomfield Church, Essex

All Saints Day | The Story of John Kuta

Story 13 | Marian Braidfute – Maiden of Lanark

Story 12 | The Ladder | The Story of Hugh Despenser, the younger

Ghost Poltergeist Caught on Camera

Story 11 / Bone / Murder in Fleet Street, London

Story Ten / Acid / The Suicide of Selina Aylott

Story Nine / Alice Aylett, The Witch of Braintree

Story Eight / The Murder of Maid Marion

Story Seven / The Dark Conjuror of Batcombe

Story Six / Immurement / The Story of Maud de Braose

Story Five / The Legend of Davis and Bennet, Highwayman / Golden Farmer of Bagshot

Story Four / The Ghost of Thomas Baker of Melbury Bubb

Story Three / Arsenic / The story of Mary Hounsell of Powerstock

Story Two / Alice Kyteler, The Witch of Kilkenny

Story One / Murder at the Coffee House Inn

Halloween Special – 13 Terrifying True Stories For Halloween ? ?

Autumn Comes Too Soon | Inspirational Story | Our Way to Say Thank You | Stephen and Yhana | Vlog 32

Pond Life | Underwater with a go-pro hero9 black | Stephen and Yhana | Vlog 30

Ślub Bartosza i Weroniki, 29 sierpnia 2020, Bydgosczc | Traditional Polish Wedding | Vlog 31

Great Notley Country Park | The Last Days of September | Virtual Living Walks 3

Vlog 29 – Yhana’s Glitter Slime | Slime Making for Kids

4K HD Virtual Cycle / Bike Ride in Great Notley, Essex | School Run and Open Farmland

Dramatic 4K HD Virtual Cycle / Bike Ride | through – RAIN, FOG AND THUNDER

Living Walks Live 2 | Woodland Walk | Great Leighs, Essex

4K HD Exhilarating, Breathtaking Bike Ride through English Woodland filmed on GoPro Hero 9 Black

Vlog 28 – Beautiful Pink Dolphins | Amazon River | Amazon Rainforest and Piranha

Vlog 27 – The best of Colchester Zoo | Days out in Essex | Wildlife | Family

Vlog 26 – Rolling Fast Down a Big Hill | Funny Moments | Hill Challenge | Dizzy

Living Walks Live 1 | Countryside Walk | Boxted, Essex, England

Vlog 25 – Nine year old girl, catches monster fish | Huge Carp | Fish | England

Vlog 24 – An afternoon with Rainbow Lorikeets | Up Close and Feeding Lorikeets

Vlog 23 – #bannedtiktokvideos Our Favourite tiktok compilation videos

Vlog 22 – A Day in the life of a Gay Dad

Vlog 21 – The Big Mud Race

Vlog 20 – Mini Mud Race

Vlog 19 – Back to School in 2020

Vlog 18 – Our Favourite Family Videos

Vlog 17 – 14 Mile River Walk – Part Three

Vlog 16 – 14 Mile River Walk – Part Two – A Night in a Tent

Vlog 15 – 14 Mile River Walk – Part One

Vlog 14 – Nearly broke a leg at Colchester Castle park

Vlog 13 – Colchester Castle and the Witchfinder General

Vlog 12 – Back to school shopping in a Covid 19 world

Vlog 11 – A Rivers Tale

Vlog 10 – Going down the rabbit hole and woodland dens

Vlog 9 – Hidden Macabre Museum that houses skulls and items made of human skin in Essex

Vlog 8 – White horses and woodland retreats

Vlog 7 – Sunshine Cleaning

Vlog 6 – Every chocolate cake has a happy ending

Vlog 5 – Pet Cemetery and Nature Reserve

Vlog 4 – Stargirl / Stargazing

Channel Trailer

Vlog 3 – Sunset Photography / Sunset Lovers / Photography Ideas

Vlog 2 – Lost in the Corn

Vlog 1 – Wild Peacocks and Abandoned Houses

Yhana’s Video
Our opening video