Month: September 2019

Viking Sword

The Viking Sword

With the upcoming release of the novel Stormforge in 2020, A new Viking Saga inspired by the Orkneyinga Sagas. I thought I would share a short post about the The Viking Sword. I have a huge fascination with swords, and the Viking Sword showcased in this post I hold in my own collection. This particular …

Stormforge Saga Book One The Jarl of More

Ragnvald ‘the wise of More’ “Count of Maer” EYSTEINSSON (830 – 894)

Pedigree and descent from Ragnvald the Wise Below is an outlined pedigree of my descent from The Jarl of More, this is one of hundreds of links I have to this famous Viking Jarl who lived 1200 years ago. The period is also important mathematically as scholars believe that all living people today that have …

Sunday Mirror - 7th September 1997 - Stephen Robert Kuta - Diana, Princess of Wales

Media Coverage

Below is a list for some of my media coverage published in both local and national newspapers and also magazines between the dates 1997 – 2006. Most are related to my first publication “Paint the Sky with Stars”, which was published in 2005. The Anthology helped raise money for the South Asian Boxing Day Tsunami …