Diana Princess of Wales


DIANA, Princess of Wales

Photo Credit: http://www.mariotestino.com/exhibitions/mario-testino/diana-princess-of-wales/

There have been many woman who have captivated our hearts and love over the years and Diana Princess of Wales is certainly one of those figures.

Her death in 1997, broke the hearts of a nation and her memory still captivates our imaginations.

In 1997, selected poets were asked to submit a piece of work, a verse in dedication to the Princess. The chosen authors were published in a commemorative edition of the Sunday Mirror published on 21st September 1997.

My work was published alongside a few others and even though 21 years have passed I still remember the verse word by word.

Below is an extract, the opening verse.

‘Tears for our Dear Princess, the world will weep,

For our gentle caring Angel is lying soundly asleep.

We grief and mourn for her two sons, this sorrowful day,

For God almighty, has taken their Mum away.’


Out of everything I have published, my words for Diana still remain close to my heart. 





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