For God’s sake hold your tongue, and let me love

For God’s Sake hold your tongue, and let me love (Biography and Selected Poetry of John Donne Is a new paper/book (Digital only) I have uploaded to Academia.edu and showcases a chapter from the forthcoming book ‘The Devil’s Servant’.  This book holds itself up as a publication on its own but is also an in-depth chapter from …

Life in Monochrome, poetry and prose

Life in Monochrome

LIFE IN MONOCHROME OUT NOW Available via Amazon – Hardcover / Softcover and Kindle Amazon.com Amazon.co.uk With this new collection of poems, Life in Monochrome, Stephen Robert Kuta secures his place as Instagram’s master wordsmith. With his unrivalled lyricism and musicality, Kuta harnesses the short form poem in a way few other writers have, transforming …

Poem / Poetry / Sadness at Christmas

Poem / Poetry / Sadness at Christmas

Isobel at the Shore of Bucaidh by Stephen Robert Kuta

Isobel at the Shore of Bucaidh

Poem inspired by the life of my 6x great-grandparents. Isobel at the Shore of Bucaidh To you who’d read my songs of devotion And only hear of pain and rage. There is but a story of true emotion From the dust of history in a forgotten age. Standing fine upon the rocks n’ broken shell …



Like driftwood, I travel I may sink or settle But the waves will wash over me, Crash And beat down on me. Poseidon’s white horses Will carry me, Into darkened Deep seawater from land away from me. I will float For as long as the ocean does carry me, In the arms of Triton And …

The Caulbearer

Based on a true story and inspired by the sad loss of my first cousin aged 19months 😥❤ The Caulbearer #poetry #bereavement #loss #love #poem

Culloden Moor

The Battle of Culloden was the final confrontation of the Jacobite rising of 1745, a battle fought on the 16th April 1746. (The last battle fought on English/Scottish soil.) A few of my ancestors were present on this field of battle (the Scottish side) some fell and my 7th great-grandfather James Gordon Esq of Cobairdy …

Loss of a child

Losing a child, no matter how old must be one of the most heartbreaking things to go through. Infant mortality was very high in my family history, some of my family groups lost as many as six or seven children. But what if death came accidently, what if a child played one moment by a …

The Fall

A River Free