Morning to all, over the next month or so Poetry is going to be a big subject on my page and blog, mostly in relation to the upcoming Centenary of World War One, and our remembrance of the 800,000 soldiers that died in conflict during the first world war.

War Poetry is a subject I have long been interested in, and I have many anthologies in my collection showcasing famous verses written during these years. It’s a subject I studied and one I still enjoy.

I am going to kick-start these posts with one of my own verses, ‘Angelic’, a poem I wrote almost 18 years ago, and recently published for the first time in my collected anthology ‘Once I Write of Love’, this is the first time I have published this online. Enjoy x


I am in view of Angels drifting through the night,
Like suddenly amongst the coolness drifting into sight.
Angels amongst my solitude, Seraph from afar,
Heavenly and Angelic, Cherub from a star.

Praise for the Seraphim nigh and everywhere,
Eulogize the virtuous, maiden so fair.
Angels I am seeing, Angels I hear,
Sing the praises of heaven, calmly and clear.

I am below the thicket and watching, with jollity and mirth.
In some woodland like dream, body against the Earth.
Its leaves and woodland branches, restrain me head to toe
As I listen from a distance, The Angels song and throw.

Then trumpets I hear sounding, stealing my Earthly sleep,
Like an Angel at my bedside, taking me in his keep.
An Angel virtuous, fair, a cherub draped in shawl,
I close my eyes from heaven, His wings I do see fall.

I see at last their leaving, as my body is no near to go,
Like drums and trumpets distant, with solace, succour and woe.
I see at last their leaving, like zephyr upon the air,
As though some far-off light does blind me, like sun in my eyes I stare.

by Stephen Robert Kuta


  • Hardcover: 72 pages
  • Publisher: Blurb Inc (25 July 2018)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 1388407507
  • ISBN-13: 978-1388407506

Once I Write of Love / Hardcover

Once I Write of Love

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