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Apocalyptic poetry, then and now

Apocalypse, horsemen

Apocalyptic literature dates all the way to the Hebrew Bible and new testament. Apocalyptic poetry has been a prominent feature of apocalyptic literature, and in the last century, an Apocalypse poetry movement emerged in the UK, with many esteemed poets of the time contributing. Even eternal optimists can concede that there is currently a degree …

Stormforge Saga

Stormforge - Viking Image

Semper Fidelis, The Lwów Eaglets

Semper Fidelis

Semper Fidelis is a new publication by author, historian and genealogist Stephen Robert Kuta, and focuses on his Eastern European heritage and the lands known to history as Galicia. The historical content is set during World War One in the city of Lemberg, a city which later became known as Lwów and eventually Lviv. Lwów …

The Fall

Come with me, my bonnie lad

Fire and Ice


Morning to all, over the next month or so Poetry is going to be a big subject on my page and blog, mostly in relation to the upcoming Centenary of World War One, and our remembrance of the 800,000 soldiers that died in conflict during the first world war. War Poetry is a subject I …

The Execution of William North

The following articles regarding the Execution of William North, are originally sourced from the Morning Chronicle.   Saturday 22 February 1823 His Majesty was pleased to order the following for execution: . . . Wm. North, convicted last September Sessions of an unnatural crime, on Monday morning next. (Morning Chronicle) Tuesday, 25 February 1823 EXECUTION. – …

Paint the Sky With Stars

Paint the Sky With Stars was my first published book, the edition is now out of print and due to the subject matter and social interest the book passes hands for high sums of money. Original copies are deposited with the British Library and Durham University Library. The book was reviewed across the country in …