Stephen and Yhana


Stephen and Yhana is a Father and Daughter adventure. Exploring the world around them and living life to its fullest.

Our channel is aimed at parents and families and we hope to showcase some of the best days out in England and a few abroad.

Our channel supports diversity and creativity, every family is different.

This channel is also our weekly vlog, showcasing the many adventures we have.

Stephen, is an author, genealogist, historian and photographer and a keen traveller, he also loves coffee.

Yhana loves YouTube, Ice cream and exploring.

Together they plan to explore, create adventures and have fun every step of the way.

Join our adventure and please support our journey by subscribing and liking our videos. Music featured on our videos have been licensed and provided by Epidemic Sound.

Our Channel Videos

Vlog 22 – A Day in the life of a Gay Dad

Vlog 21 – The Big Mud Race

Vlog 20 – Mini Mud Race

Vlog 19 – Back to School in 2020

Vlog 18 – Our Favourite Family Videos

Vlog 17 – 14 Mile River Walk – Part Three

Vlog 16 – 14 Mile River Walk – Part Two – A Night in a Tent

Vlog 15 – 14 Mile River Walk – Part One

Vlog 14 – Nearly broke a leg at Colchester Castle park

Vlog 13 – Colchester Castle and the Witchfinder General

Vlog 12 – Back to school shopping in a Covid 19 world

Vlog 11 – A Rivers Tale

Vlog 10 – Going down the rabbit hole and woodland dens

Vlog 9 – Hidden Macabre Museum that houses skulls and items made of human skin in Essex

Vlog 8 – White horses and woodland retreats

Vlog 7 – Sunshine Cleaning

Vlog 6 – Every chocolate cake has a happy ending

Vlog 5 – Pet Cemetery and Nature Reserve

Vlog 4 – Stargirl / Stargazing

Channel Trailer

Vlog 3 – Sunset Photography / Sunset Lovers / Photography Ideas

Vlog 2 – Lost in the Corn

Vlog 1 – Wild Peacocks and Abandoned Houses

Yhana’s Video

Our opening video