The Most Haunted House In England | BORLEY RECTORY | Haunted Essex

The Most Haunted House In England | BORLEY RECTORY | Haunted Essex
The Most Haunted House In England | BORLEY RECTORY | Haunted Essex

The Most Haunted House In England | BORLEY RECTORY | Haunted Essex

Ghostly Nuns, Monks, Eerie footsteps, Phantoms caught on camera – Borley is certainly one of the most famous of all the haunted locations across the British Isles. Welcome to Borley Church and the ghosts that dwell here. The Rectory hasn’t had much luck in its history, The 1862 building replaced a much older rectory, which was destroyed by fire in 1841. Interestingly, the new Borley Rectory caught fire as well and was demolished in 1944. Nothing but legend and stories remain now. The history of Borley Rectory  Borley Rectory was built next to Borley Church which was erected in the 12th century to serve the residents of three smaller hamlets: Borley, Borley Green and Borley Hall. According to historical documents, there used to be a Benedictine monastery, named Barking Abbey, at Borley Hall. Borley Hall was given to the important Waldegrave Family by Henry VIII. Legend says that A monk living at the monastery had a forbidden love affair with a nun from a nearby nunnery. They wanted to take off together, but unfortunately, they’re affair was discovered. The monk was sentenced to death by hanging and the nun was walled up alive inside the nunnery walls. According to the legend, the nun can’t find peace and her ghostly spectre is still seen today wandering the graveyard and lanes of Borley. The ghost stories began in Borley with Reverend Henry Dawson Ellis Bull who moved into the new Borley Rectory when it was built in 1862 and it wasn’t long for the first ghostly sightings to be spoken about. The reverends children started seeing a black ghost coach ridden by two headless men and the apparition of a nun in the backyard. Henry Bull allegedly bricked up a window in the dining room so that the family might enjoy dinner without the spectral nun peering at them. Heavy footsteps were heard, and other strange phenomena were claimed. Henry Bull died inside the rectory in 1892. His son, Harry Bull, took over from his father. When Harry died in 1928, the rectory stood empty for a couple of months.   In October that same year, Borley Rectory became the home of Reverend Guy Eric Smith and his wife. While cleaning the rectory, Mrs. Smith stumbled upon a female skull wrapped in a newspaper. Reverend Smith wasn’t particularly alarmed by the discovery and gave the skull a proper burial. However, shortly after the discovery, the couple started noticing strange things. The service bells started ringing by themselves even though they were disconnected, and lights were seen behind the windows when no one was around. The hauntings started every evening when the couple retired for the night. Each night they were stalked by the sound of heavy footsteps walking right passed their bedroom. #borleyrectory #hauntedessex #hauntedhouse #hauntedchurch

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  • Published: 20 October 2022
  • Location: Essex, England
  • Duration: 10:18
  • Photography – Stephen Robert Kuta
  • Written by – Stephen Robert Kuta

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Music Licensed by Epidemic Sound
The Most Haunted House In England | BORLEY RECTORY | Haunted Essex

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