Recently I have been looking into the surname Raczyński, My great-grandmother was Katarzyna Raczyńska wife of Michal Kuta. The family resided in Katarynice, Lwów Voivodeship, Poland. An area of land that exchanged hands during times of War many times. As of 1939 the area became known as L’vivs’ka oblast, Ukraine. Before 1918 it was a part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. So a lot of confusion often occurs with Nationality and identity.

My family worshipped in nearby Komarno.

Roman Catholic Church of Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary


I have been looking at connections with the surname Raczyński and the village of Komarno.

The names below are connected to Komarno

(i) Karol Tadeusz Edward Raczyński h. Nałęcz (1908 – 1992) of Lviv. He was husband of Zdzisława Krechowska (1909 – 1983), she was born in Komarno.

Karol Tadeusz Edward Raczyński was the son of Aleksander Stefan Raczyński h. Nałęcz (1872 – 1941)

The second name of interest is (same family)

(ii) Stefan Szczepan Nałęcz-Raczyński (1785 – 1872) of Lviv, Lviv Oblast

I would love to know if these two names have any connection with my great-grandmother Katarzyna Raczyńska.

Maybe, anyone researching this family will have further information.

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