P001 – Palaeolithic Flint Biface Acheulen (French Find)

Palaeolithic Stone Tools

The Palaeolithic is often divided into lower, middle and upper. British Isles: Humans probably first arrived in Britain around 800,000 BC. These early inhabitants had to cope with extreme environmental changes and they left Britain at least seven times when conditions became too bad.

The period lasted between 800,000 and 12,000 years ago which saw the end of the last Ice Age.

Very few sites of habitation are known.

The earliest is at Happisburgh (Pronounced Hazeboro) on the Norfolk coast and another is near the village of Boxgrove, just outside Chichester in West Sussex, which is 550,000 years old. 

Many of the Palaeolithic tools found in England have been found in river terrace gravels where they were deposited by the waters from rivers and melting glaciers.

Palaeolithic flint Hand Axe of the Acheulean Tradition.

Provenance – Charente (Angeac, Graves or Saint-Meme) Abbevillien.

Description – This biface has a beautiful patina and a beautiful shine. / Made with brown flint

Size – Length 10cm / Width 6.5cm

Weight – 110g

Purchased by the previous owner in 2016 in France. From Mr. F.S. Private collector – This item was found in the 1920’s.

Purchased at auction in January 2021, now makes up part of the authors collection.

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