Mrs Mary Plaskett (1739 – 1836) / New Edition


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  • Primary Category: Biographies and Memoirs
  • Additional Categories History
  • Size: 5×8 in, 13×20 cm
    # of Pages: 62
  • ISBN
    • Hardcover, Dust Jacket: 9781916476295
  • Publish Date: Nov 13, 2019
  • Publisher: Loma Publishing
  • Language English
  • Tags Wiltshire, Biography, Methodist, Genealogy, History

About the Book

This book is intended to be a historical account of the life of Mary Plaskett (Nee: Bower), and available as a reference guide for other genealogist’s who are interested in her life, or for readers interested in the lives of Methodists in the 18th century. The author of this book has studied her life for many years, and shares DNA with her husband Henry Plaskett through a matching cousin that shares William Thorne of Downton (1630 – 1688) and Christabell Wilkins (1631 – 1690) as common ancestors. This couple are the great-grandparents of Henry Plaskett (1731 – 1790). Any information printed in this book should be used as reference only, mistakes may exist regarding dates, marriages etc… The actual year of death for Henry is unknown, but he is referenced to have died twenty years after his marriage with Mary. So his year of death is approximately 1790. Mary Plaskett was a prominent member of the Salisbury Methodist circuit, and would have met the church’s founder John Wesley on one of his 40 visits to Salisbury in the 18th century. Her life was important enough to inspire a short biography to be written and published in 1833, it recounts her life and the actual words she spoke on her death bed. this biography now out of print has been republished in this book. Mrs Mary Plaskett is one of those ancestors that has inspired Stephen to continue his journey into his families past, She is a character full of love, humour and endurance during a time when life was met with hardship, inequality, pestilence, poverty and sad loss. This is the first book in the author’s family history series and intended to work alongside his blog The Lives of My Ancestors that has been visited more then 30,000 times in the last three years, he intends to continue and bring the lives of his ancestors to print and to preserve his heritage. This book is dedicated to the memory of his grandmother Joyce Margery Plaskett.

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