Month: June 2019

Life in Monochrome, poetry and prose

Life in Monochrome

LIFE IN MONOCHROME OUT NOW Available via Amazon – Hardcover / Softcover and Kindle With this new collection of poems, Life in Monochrome, Stephen Robert Kuta secures his place as Instagram’s master wordsmith. With his unrivalled lyricism and musicality, Kuta harnesses the short form poem in a way few other writers have, transforming …

Semper Fidelis

Semper Fidelis, The Lwów Eaglets

Semper Fidelis is a new publication by author, historian and genealogist Stephen Robert Kuta, and focuses on his Eastern European heritage and the lands known to history as Galicia. The historical content is set during World War One in the city of Lemberg, a city which later became known as Lwów and eventually Lviv. Lwów …