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Stormforge, Book One – The Jarl of Møre (softcover)

Stormforge - Book One - The Jarl of Møre

Stormforge, Lightning Strikes on Seadragon Wings Book One – The Jarl of More Bibliography Features & Details Primary Category: Literature & Fiction Additional Categories: History Size: 5×8 in, 13×20 cm# of Pages: 400 ISBN Softcover: 978-1916476288 Publish Date: Jan 22, 2020 Publisher: Loma Publishing Language: English Keywords: Fiction, History, Viking About the Book 9th century Europe and Viking rule is both feared and …

Ragnvald ‘the wise of More’ “Count of Maer” EYSTEINSSON (830 – 894)

Stormforge Saga Book One The Jarl of More

Pedigree and descent from Ragnvald the Wise Below is an outlined pedigree of my descent from The Jarl of More, this is one of hundreds of links I have to this famous Viking Jarl who lived 1200 years ago. The period is also important mathematically as scholars believe that all living people today that have …