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Isobel at the Shore of Bucaidh

Isobel at the Shore of Bucaidh by Stephen Robert Kuta

Poem inspired by the life of my 6x great-grandparents. Isobel at the Shore of Bucaidh To you who’d read my songs of devotion And only hear of pain and rage. There is but a story of true emotion From the dust of history in a forgotten age. Standing fine upon the rocks n’ broken shell …



Like driftwood, I travel I may sink or settle But the waves will wash over me, Crash And beat down on me. Poseidon’s white horses Will carry me, Into darkened Deep seawater from land away from me. I will float For as long as the ocean does carry me, In the arms of Triton And …

A River Free

Come with me, my bonnie lad

Fire and Ice

Some People

Some People Some people care, some people do not, Some people smile and laugh, some people will not. Some of us cry, when things go wrong, Some of us have strength, when there is the need to be strong. Who am I, what am I, where do I fall? Like an echo of angel’s, along …