Melanie jeyakkumar

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Melanie is a friend and colleague who I have worked with on a creative level. If you are looking for an artist – Mel is highly recommended.

Melanie Jeyakkumar

Melanie is a self taught artist, illustrator and designer. She has worked on children’s book covers as well as writing and illustrating her own children’s book. 

Generally she is able to draw with whatever comes into her head, either planned or Melanie says’ ‘Just for fun!’ 

Her choice of media is digital. She has an unlimited imagination with more ideas than she can count! 

Melanie works for Crimson Cloak Publishing as an author and illustrator, and as Cover Design Manager, which she did for a year. She gets great feedback from her customers every step of the way.

Please check out her website for some great reviews! 


If you can imagine it, she can draw it…