The Golden Farmer – Full Narrated Story

In 1714, 24 years after the golden farmer was executed’ the History of the Lives of the Most Notorious Highwaymen’. Was First published, the book was a huge success and has been reprinted many times since, this book became the main source of reference into the life of the Golden Farmer.
The book attributes the golden farmer to a man called William Davis believed to have been executed on the 20 December 1690, at Salisbury Court, Fleet Street, London and his body hung in chains at Bagshot Heath.

William Davis was married to an innkeeper’s daughter, Cecily Card of Romsey daughter of William Card, it was here in this Inn that he met many famous characters from his highwayman days.

He resided in many places including Romsey, Hampshire and Bagshot, Surrey to name a few.

To hear the full story – The video below is a narrated / spoken aloud story.

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