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N223 – Native American Arrow-Head (USA Found)

Native American Arrow Head From Colorado USA Provenance – Colorado, USA Bought at auction in 2021 Description – Colorado High Plains Arrowhead Artifact – Made with a beautiful brown flint and still sharp to touch at the very end of the arrow. Weight – 9g Size – 5cm

The Story of Pocahontas

#pocahontas #thecoloursofthewind #thehistoryofpocahontas #thebiographyofpocahontas #pocahontasstory #pocahontasbiography Pocahontas | The Colours of the Wind | The History of and Biography of Pocahontas “All must die. But ‘tis enough that my child liveth.” It is believed that Those words, were the last that were spoken by Pocahontas as she lay on her death bed in Gravesend, Kent …