Once I Write of Love / Softcover


Once I Write of Love
Selected Poetry and Prose

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  • Category:  Poetry
  • Size: 6×9 in, 15×23 cm
    72 Pages
  • ISBN:
    • Softcover: 9781388407711
  • Publish Date: May 23, 2018
  • Publisher: Blurb Inc
  • Language: English

About the Book

Once I Write of Love is a collection of poetry and Prose written more than ten years ago, it not just an anthology of Love, far from it. It is a collection of many feelings with Love being just one of those. Life after all is made up from many experiences, sensations and colours. At times it is light, innocent, pleasant, a joy to know and at other times it is hard, dark and sorrowfully woe and let’s face it we have all experienced these feelings many times in our lives. We also have very different ideas of human emotion and these emotions often reflect our mood and what is happening in our lives at that given time. Our worldly lives are as deep and as rough, as calm and complex as a vast sea, ever moving, ever changing like waves rushing to shore. Those torrents of waves mix up our sentiments, our ideas and the literature bound in this book emphasis that note by note. Once I write of Love is a very personal anthology of life, from childhood through to young adulthood, beautifully illustrated with 25 sketches from the Victorian era, the 1950’s and 60’s and modern abstract art. The words within this book are very much from a life now passed, often misunderstood, often void of any reason. It is an exhaustive anthology of living It is what poetry should be, a timeless imprint from a moment in time.

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Once I Write of Love
Once I Write o…
Selected Poetry and…
By Stephen Robert Kuta
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