Munoo (1782 – 1814), Executed for Sodomy.

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Munoo Munnoo (1786 – 1814)

Executed for Sodomy at Newgate Prison.

Munoo Indicted for a unatural crime, the crime of Sodomy and sentenced to death in 1814.

Munoo was a Lascar, a sailor or militiaman from the Indian Subcontinent, he would have been on-board a British Ship trading in the territories East of the Cape of Good Hope. His birth year is recorded as 1786, his date of conviction recorded on the 21st September 1814.

It is very likely that his crime was committed on-board ship and his arrest made immediately on arrival in London, his partner in crime was not arrested and no record of who he committed his sexual act with is recorded, Munoo carried the full weight of this crime on his own shoulders.

Following his trial at the Old Bailey in front of the second Middlesex Jury, and before Mr. Baron Graham He was found Guilty and sentenced to death, he was imprisoned in Newgate on the 14th September 1814.

Munoo was respited on the 16th December 1814.

Seven days later His execution took place, by Simple-Hanging; 23rd December 1814 at Newgate, Prison.

No record of his burial is recorded, he had no family here in England and its more than likely he was anatomised at the surgeons hall.

From 1752 to 1832, the bodies of those executed for murder were taken to Surgeon’s Hall in the Old Bailey where they were publicly anatomised. Up to 1834, the bodies of persons executed for crimes other than murder could be returned to relatives for a fee. There were only two confirmed executions at Newgate in the years 1834-1836, those of John Smith and James Pratt, who were hanged for buggery on the 27th of November 1835. After 1836, only murderers were to be hanged at Newgate and their bodies were buried in unmarked graves within the walls and beneath the flagstones, their coffins filled with quicklime.


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