M001 – Mesolithic or Neolithic Flint Scraper

Mesolithic stone tools

The Mesolithic is the name given to the period between the end of the last ice age, In Britain the Mesolithic (Middle Stone) period began around 12,000 years ago as the climate began to warm up at the end of the last Ice Age. Trees and plants began to grow again and forest animals such as deer crossed the land bridge that then linked Britain to Europe.

This period in history was the beginning of settled farming around 5,500 years ago.

This period saw a big movement of people and many hunting parties began to visit England regularly, Eventually the British Isles became their home.

Mesolithic or possibly Neolithic scraper

Description – This Mesolithic or possibly Neolithic scraper has been retouched on two sides. The scraper is well made, with one side worn in for a comfortable thumb position and the back with an indent for your index finger.

Provenance – Found in the River Ter Valley near Chelmsford, Essex

Size – 4.5cm x 5.1cm

Weight – 19g

Age – 8000 BCE – 4000 BCE

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