Life in Monochrome

Life in Monochrome, poetry and prose
Life in Monochrome, Stephen Robert Kuta
Life in Monochrome, Stephen Robert Kuta



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With this new collection of poems, Life in Monochrome, Stephen Robert Kuta secures his place as Instagram’s master wordsmith. With his unrivalled lyricism and musicality, Kuta harnesses the short form poem in a way few other writers have, transforming and elevating the everyday into something truly beautiful.Life in Monochrome delves deep into every emotion, proving the universality of human feeling and connecting with readers in an incredibly meaningful way. With poems which share heartbreak, rage, joy and love, Kuta lays himself bare and shares the depths of his feeling with his audience, encouraging them to explore their own emotions on a similarly profound level.With Instagram a very visual and seemingly transient medium, the beauty of these short poems lies in their ability to condense complex ideas and thoughts into only a handful of words. In just a few sparse lines, Kuta vividly captures the human experience and distils it into stunning poetry which appeals to both the eye and ear. This truly is verbal craftsmanship on a level which is extremely rare, with poems reflecting a myriad of feelings which will appeal to readers of all ages and backgrounds.Some are achingly poignant, others express the depth and complexity of love, but all are graced with Kuta’s unique way with words. In an era when we’re warned of shorter attention spans, these neat and concise lyrics sing from both the page and screen and cannot help but capture their readers’ hearts and imaginations.

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