History Street Challenge

History Street Challenge
History Street Challenge
History Street Challenge in 30 Minutes

Join Alice Goss and Stephen Robert Kuta as They Take to the Streets Across England and Compete in a 30 Minute Street Challenge

Why Not Join the CHALLENGE, Organise Your 0wn 30 Minute Street Challenge, Upload Your Video to YOUTUBE or other Social Media Sites and Share the Experience with US and Your Friends / Subscribers.

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The 30 Minute History Street Challenge, was the idea and concept of Alice Goss, and her first video went live on her youtube channel on the 24th December 2021. She took to the streets in Hertford, Hertfordshire and competed against Stephen Robert Kuta.

Below is a link to the Alice Goss YOUTUBE Channel:


Email Address: alice555uk@yahoo.com

Below is a link to the Stephen and Yhana YOUTUBE Channel:


Email Address: stephenrobertkuta@hotmail.com

History Street Challenge Rules

This is a challenge for two or three people to enjoy. In undertaking a history street challenge competitors can either start and finish in the same location or arrange to start and end at different locations.

The idea is to search the streets for hidden dates relating to an object/building or from a dated event from history. These dates can either be written on buildings, on foundation plaques, blue plaques, fountains, tops of drain pipes, lamp posts, or other items of street furniture. Statues also contain dates on their attached plaques, but it’s the date of the installation and not the date of the person in the statue that is counted. If the blue plaque states a person lived there, then the early date is used. If the exact date can’t be determined and there is a date range; then the later date and not the earlier which is used. Remember to photograph each date to confirm it and to ensure that the date was within the rules. Dates that just give a century (e.g. 17th century) don’t count as they are not specific.

Note: castles, castle grounds, medieval churches, ancient monuments or walls, cemeteries and museum items shouldn’t be included, as this would just be too easy to find that early date. Be sure to point out other interesting features around the streets including gold postal boxes, decorative architecture or something else to keep viewers interested in the challenge.

Local rules can be applied; whereupon a known local landmarks or historic buildings can also be excluded or perhaps these could be used as start/end locations. A coin toss or previous winner can decide upon who has first choice as to which direction they go. If you know that other people have visited a certain town or city, perhaps you have seen their video, then try and start/end in a different place to cover new ground and hopefully discover new dates hidden in our streets.

30 minutes is a reasonable time to cover smaller areas, but times can be varied if necessary, but note that shorter times could add more drama to the challenge! At the end of the challenge, the contestants discuss the number of dates found to ascertain who has discovered the oldest date without revealing what was found so as not to spoil the video for the viewer.

There must be something to play for, so the loser buys lunch, a round of drinks or something else to give the challenge an extra element of fun. This would be agreed in advance. Please don’t cheat and use Google Earth to scout the location beforehand and enjoy your challenge.


History Street Challenge Videos


These #historystreetchallenge videos will be uploaded to this page on a regular basis, we are happy to include links and showcase your own HISTORY STREET CHALLENGE Video here on this site, please contact either: Alice Goss or Stephen Robert Kuta providing a link to your video and information of where your challenge took place – Remember to include the hashtag #historystreetchallenge

In the meantime – please enjoy the videos posted below


Join us in this collaboration video, as Stephen Robert Kuta and Alice Goss go on a History Street Challenge in Hertford. Who can find the oldest dates?

Buildings, Commemorations, Historical Events, Blue Plaques, Statues, Historical Sites all have dates associated with them, sometimes commemorating a life and recording a date of birth, these can be found on both blue plaques and statues.

Historical dates can be found in every town across England. In this video we have just 30 minutes to find the oldest. #hertfordhistory #historystreetchallenge #challengein30minutes

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