Alice Kyteler, The Sorcerer of Kilkenny, Ireland

3rd of November 1324, The rain fell heavy across the medieval town of Kilkenny, Ireland. It was a cold autumn morning with high winds and yet the towns folk gathered in the main square, the noise of talk reverberated along the narrow cobbled muddied streets as they waited in awe for a spectacle that no one had ever seen.

A distant thud of a horse drawn cart caught the ears of the spectators and silence spread quickly. 

“Move” said a soldier, as two others dragged a limp and bloodied woman from the cart. She could hardly stand, her face beaten and her hands were bloodied and shook violently.

She was dragged to a wooden pole and fastened tight with heavy rope, her dress torn from her back violently by a soldier holding a leather whip.

He stepped a meter or so away from her, then turned. Ran his hand along the whip and pulled it tort. With one sweeping motion he brought it down against the woman’s back, it hit so hard it sliced through her skin like a hot knife through butter. She screamed. Yet the whip came down again, and again and again.

Her name was Petronilla Meath, servant to Dame Alice Kyteler, Sorcerer, witch, of Kilkenny. The first recorded witch of Ireland and one of the first trials that would shake the very foundations of Europe and would begin a witch hunting craze that would last for more than 300 years.

Narrated Story Available Via My Youtube Channel – Stephen and Yhana

Welcome to the second of our 13 terrifying stories for Halloween, today we are going to take a deep dive into the life of Dame Alice Kyteler, accused of witchcraft and sorcery. This is a true story, and makes up just one of the dark and twisted tales that exist in my family history.

From Yhana and I, we hope you Enjoy the story.

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