Month: July 2021

PM011 – Victorian Ginger Beer Bottle – Colchester – Nicholl and Co

Description – A Victorian Stoneware Bottle Collected for the bottles family history value – As the author has ancestral connections to Colchester, Essex. This bottle has a grey glaze and in a very good condition. Date – Late Victorian Period Weight – Size – Provenance – Found on a bottle dump in Heybridge, Essex in …

R010 – Roman red ware pottery vessel c.4th century A.D

Description Roman red ware pottery vessel c.4th century A.D. Circa: 4th Century AD Measurements: 110mm high Weight: Provenance: Bought from the Bellarmine Museum, Swaffham, Norfolk

B016 – Bronze Age Tinned Bowl

Description Here we have a Bronze Age Tinned bowl, uncleaned with damage on the bottom of the bowl – Provenance: Bought at auction via ebay Age: c. 1400 – 800 BC Period: Bronze Age Europe Size: D 14.5cm / H 4.5cm Weight: Bronze Age The Bronze Age is a prehistoric period that was characterised by the use of bronze, in some …

M005 – Medieval Bowl

Medieval Bowl Age: 11th – 15th Century AD Size: 40mm / 113mm Weight: Provenance: – French Auction House. Ex French private collection, acquired in 1980s bought at auction via Your Antiquarian / Spain through Catawiki Description: A beautiful small Medieval bowl with a wonderful texture and colour, broken on one side.

B015 – British Bronze Age Jar

Description Here we have a 3000 – 4000-year-old terracotta dipper cup from Britain’s Bronze Age. The vast majority of Bronze Age and Iron Age pottery on today’s arts and antiquities markets come from burial mounds (or tumuli) which are common in the British countryside, and the majority of which were excavated in the Victorian period. Pottery vessels of …