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  • Category:  History
  • Version Fixed-layout ebook, 199 pgs
  • Publish Date Oct 01, 2018
  • Publisher: Loma Publishing
  • Language: English
  • Tags: True Stories, Suicide, London, Victorian Era


About the book

Selina’s Letter is inspired by true accounts and approaches the subject and stigma that is suicide. The book covers many true accounts and stories of self-murder in Victorian and Edwardian London, including a detailed biography of a Victorian London woman, Selina Aylott (1853 – 1909), who took her own life in a dramatic way. This anthology of true stories includes many dramatic firsts, including the first suicide ever recorded on the London Underground and Tower Bridge. So many stories, last letters and so many reasons why the many unfortunate lives depicted here in decided to end all. Sometimes during a mad thoughtless decision and at other times as a last heart-breaking choice. Selina’s Letter is a journey of human emotion and remembers all those not strong enough to live on, the book is beautifully illustrated, poignant and very touching. This edition is a 10×8 full colour.


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