Paint the Sky With Stars

Paint the Sky With Stars was my first published book, the edition is now out of print and due to the subject matter and social interest the book passes hands for high sums of money. Original copies are deposited with the British Library and Durham University Library.

The book was reviewed across the country in various national and regional newspapers, magazines and through radio. The book is also soured on Wikipedia:

2004 Indian Ocean earthquake and tsunami

More detail can be found about this book here: 2004 – Boxing Day Earthquake and Tsunami

Paint the Sky with Stars


Published in March 2005 in aid of raising money for the Tsunami Relief Fund,

Published by Re-invention uk ltd.

Features & Details
  • Category  Poetry / Anthology
  • Size   210 x 148 mm
    149 pages
  • ISBN
    • Hardcover, Dust Jacket: 9780954989903
    • Publish Date March, 2005
  • Language English

“Paint the Sky with Stars” is a collection of poetry, by people from all walks of life, reflecting their thoughts and perceptions about the Tsunami which struck South East Asia, on Boxing day 2004. The poems are all unique and thought-provoking, as each poet tries to grasp the realism of this natural disaster. During a time of great loss, suffering and sorrow, the world momentarily put all differences aside, stood shoulder to shoulder, and gave back so much kindness, love and support. This book is dedicated to every single person that lost their lives, and to those that lived.

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