13 Terrifying True Stories for Halloween

Linked below is the first of 13 stories I have written and narrated for Halloween.
These are all True Stories, and taken from the dark, dusty , twisted pages of my family history.

This first story dates from 1856 and based on a murder that happened in the Coffee House Inn, Chertsey , Surrey, England.

Nobody would have thought a well respected Victorian Cricketer would have so much hate in his heart that he was willing to go as far as murder. But that’s exactly what happened in 1856 in the sleepy Surrey village of Chertsey. His victim never knew what hit her.
In a fit of rage, John grabbed the cricket bat that rested against the bedroom chest of drawers.
Gripped the smooth polished wood and lifted it high in the air. In one violent swoop he brought the solid force down, there was a crack and he paused for just a second. His eyes were red, they bulged and were rabid like a wild dog and he foamed at the corner of his mouth, in a disgusted vile smirk. He had done it.

Welcome to the first of our 13 terrifying stories for Halloween, today we are going to take a deep dive into the life of John Beauchamp, Cricketer of Chertsey and murderer of the coffee house inn. This is a true story, and makes up just one of the dark and twisted tales that exist in my family history. This is murder at its most raw and violent.

Murder at the Coffee House Inn

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